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Feb. 17th, 2013


The internet is a place where absolutely nothing happens.

Not much going on this week- just the usual cooking, cleaning, and crafting.
We went to the farmers market today, and I got sprouts from Alex the sprout guy, some chard and spinach, and my usual kombucha refills from Buddha's Brew. It was way more crowded than the last few times I'd gone, so I really didn't enjoy it. I felt kinda tense and on the verge of tears pretty much the whole time, except when Alex told me a funny joke. The final straw was when the wind blew my breakfast (a pork tomatillo tamale) into the dirt and I started crying. :| Awk.

After that, we went to Petsmart and looked at hamsters. That cheered me up a lot. I bought another hamster cage on Amazon last night, and Colin said he'd get me two dwarf hamsters as a late Valentine's Day present once the cage arrives. Speaking of which, our Valentine's Day was pretty fun. :) Colin spent most of the day at work, but when he got home, I made mac & cheese (well, penne and cheese because HEB didn't have gluten-free macaroni...) and we watched Gravity Falls. I think the whole BUY LOTS OF GREETING CARDS AND CHOCOLATE AND SHIT aspect of Valentines Day is pretty stupid, but I guess it's nice to have a reminder to treat people with love and respect once in a while. People tend to forget.

I have a BJD meetup coming up pretty soon, so I'm excited about that. Need to figure out which dolls to bring. I reserved the table at Dragon's Lair because the other DoA members were having trouble getting through via email.

I switched out my original industrial barbell for a new, slightly longer one, and all my healing issues stopped immediately! So that was good. I ended up buying a nicer (internally threaded) one online, because my current new one is just some regular steel junk from Liquid. I'm still waiting on the lavender and mint CZ end balls, because USPS sent them from Miami to Colorado before sending them my way. Faiiil.

Feb. 11th, 2013


In celebration of hamsters and other things ___φ(・ω・` )

Meet my hamster, Ribbon! I've had her since March of 2012, when we moved into our apartment in Southwest Houston. She's an English Cream and White Syrian. I don't take pictures of her as often as I like, but I'm going to make more of an effort to photograph her. I really wish they had hamster shows here in the US, because I'd love to meet more hamster fans. I've looked for a meetup.com group as well, but no luck. ^^; Oh well! I still enjoy Ribbon at home. 
I'd like to design a hamster-themed lolita print at some point. This store has a really cute one, but I'd like to try my hand at a more simplified flat vector looking print, maybe with Djungarians on it. ♥

   In personal news, we're back in Austin as of last night. Colin made second place in the Warrior Challenge, so I'm super proud of him! He's a good deal older than most of the people who competed, and one of the competitors is a professional personal trainer. Given those circumstances, he did even more awesome! 
   He has to go back down to Houston for a construction job soon, but I'll be staying up here in Austin. Five days alone was enough for the pets, and I want to stay behind and give them love and attention. I've got a few craft and home projects I need to work on, as well. I've been working on some wargames miniatures that I'm really enjoying! I bought a set of ships from the game "Firestorm Armada," which I'm painting in various stages of cloaking. One of them is going to be completely painted with a realistic (I hope) galaxy motif. 

Until next time, LJ ___φ( ̄ー ̄ )ノ

Feb. 9th, 2013


That awkward moment when...

someone defends you unnecessarily? 
I woke up this morning to see this post on BtB. The pink censored comments? That's me. :| While it's true I left the comm a while back, I wasn't as upset as the anon sounds. I just felt kinda embarrassed, but I chalked that up to the fact that I'm shy and can be overly sensitive. I only told one person about leaving, and I didn't tell her any specific reason why, either. So I don't even know who wrote this. >__< Whoever it was got it wrong.
Cue even more awkward times. 

I feel embarrassed and weird enough about the conversation from that secret... the last thing I need is for a bunch of people I barely know to think I'm all mad and stewing at them. So I don't really know what to do now. I'm not sure if it would be weird to message one of the ATX girls on Facebook and clarify, or just let it go, and stick with the BJD group. But then it could get really weird irl at conventions... plus I really would like more excuses to actually go out in full lolita. And of course, lolita meetups would be the best option for that. Ugh. :| WHAT DO.

I actually did submit a secret this week- #5, the joke about eating babies that almost nobody seems to get. OTL

Other than than the ATX/BtB awkwardness, my week has gone pretty well! Yesterday was the last day for the week that I spent down at Ellington Field. I like being there, but I do wish they had wifi. I played Paper Mario on my laptop for what seemed like an eternity. x___x But the guys are super nice to me, so I didn't mind being stuck in the break room. Lots of people came in and chatted with me, and it was actually pretty pleasant! One of the colonels has a big whiteboard with all his plans for the year written out, and I noticed someone erased part of the word "annual" to say "anal." I pretty much died laughing. I swore up and down to Colin that I wasn't the one who did it, but he doesn't believe me. XD Especially because I've been mocking the colonel's name all week (The man's name is LTC Wooten, and I've been calling him LTC Wu-Tang when talking about the whiteboard. Colin keeps saying I'm going to slip up and call him Colonel Wu-Tang to his face at a battalion dinner or something. Heh.)

Tomorrow is Colin's last day for battle assembly, so we'll go back home to Austin after that. I'm definitely ready to be home. I miss my pets, I have a cosplay wig I need to style, and I'd like to get a chance to put together a coord with my new Magical Etoile JSK. Also, my mother- and father-in-law have next to no gluten-free food, so I'd like to be back home where I can actually, you know, eat meals and stuff. They do have some dog biscuits specifically labeled as GF, though, so there's that I GUESS. I do enjoy staying with them. My father-in-law is hilarious. He, Colin, and I went out to dinner last night and I was laughing until I cried at one point. 

One day after we get back to Austin, Colin has to g back own to Houston for work. Not looking forward to that... they never know how long a job will last, and it seems like every time Intertech gives an estimate, it turns out to take them twice as long. Luckily, unlike the awful Kentucky job back in January, I've got plenty of projects I can work on to stay occupied. And he actually has a working cell phone now, so we can communicate better. :)

Doop doop doop. Looks like I'm sort of getting a hang of this blogging thing. Until next time, LJ. 

Feb. 7th, 2013


(no subject)

I really wish more people understood the difference between antisocial and asocial. Ever since I was school-age, I've run across people who automatically assume I'm a snob because I don't want to associate with them very much. :/ I just don't crave or require all that much social interaction, and explaining that to people who don't understand can be just as draining for me as actually socializing.

In other news, I've been back down in Houston for a few days, because Colin is competing in a military competition called Best Warrior. I've gone down to the base as support for him both days so far, and I'll also go tomorrow for the final day. He's been doing really well- consistently in 3rd place out of about 10 guys. I made him an Adventure Time themed banner for his 10mi ruck march, and brought him Gatorade this afternoon. I felt bad that I was the only spouse or family member who came to the base for anyone competing. :< I wish all of the others were more encouraged, so I wished them luck too. I feel really awkward at the base. I always stutter around authority figures like bosses, police officers, or teachers, and military officers are no exception. Everyone has been really kind to me, though. :) Mostly I've been sitting in the Civil Affairs break room playing N64 rooms on my laptop. People who come in kinda fawn over me and offer tea or suggest I sit in the more comfortable chairs. It's sweet, but I feel a little embarrassed. A lot of people think I'm a lot younger than I am too. A female officer asked me today, "So, you're like a college freshman?" She seemed surprised when I told her I'm 25. It's genetic- my dad still got carded at bars well into his 40's. At least people are realizing I'm Colin's wife now... When I first visited Ellington, we got a lot of "Is that your [daughter | little sister]? She's so cute!" AWK.

I'm getting more back into Pokemon the more I replay the DS games. I bought some TCG boosters at Walgreens today, and one had a holo Arceus! I was so excited, I nearly had an asthma attack. OTL I used my inhaler and felt okay, though. I also had an accidental gluten-ing today. :/ I'm staying with my in-laws and they have almost nothing GF. I'd grabbed a small piece of caramel from Mrs Patt's drawer, and licked it... Realized the powdery coating on it wasn't confectioners sugar, but wheat flour. >___< And of course I got sick within minutes. It passed pretty quickly and I napped a few hours, but I'm feeling alright now- just feverish.

Colin's sore and exhausted from his ruck, and I'm drowsy from getting up early and driving 2-3 hours back and forth across Houston for the past few days. See ya, LJ.

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Aug. 1st, 2011


(no subject)


I'll be mainly using this journal for communities. All personal posts will likely be friends-locked. ♥ You can comment to be added.